Thursday 11 November 2010

Augmented Reality Dogfight Game: Star Wars

This is a quite interesting game that uses augmented reality. The game concept is as simple as you can imagine: a classic dogfight game. However I am not entirely sure whether this can be called augmented reality. I think the definition of augmented reality is getting narrower. In the past, everything was called augmented reality as long as a virtual object was superimposed on the real world, no matter whether or not the virtual object had a relationship with the real world. However these days the definition has been narrowed, and if you want to call something augmented reality then a virtual object should have a relationship with the real world. For example, if you superimpose a virtual monkey on your screen with the real world as a background then that would just be a computer graphic. However if you can superimpose an image of that virtual monkey holding a real world object, then you could call that augmented reality.


  1. Can I shamelessly plug our new in-house game AiRaid? is this the time or the place?


  2. Virtual reality chairs used to be a gamer’s dream, only a step below full fledged virtual reality. Sitting in a chair with two joysticks and a screen is a far cry from the 360 degree virtual environment we hope for, but it’s leagues better than the black and white pong of only a few decades ago.

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