Thursday 27 May 2010

Quartz Composer: Augmented Reality without programming in 5 Minutes

This application provides a very intuitive interface. You can generate virtual object and then you can superimpose the virtual object on your video clip.

Firefighter 360: Augmented Reality Game

New York City and Los Angeles based augmented reality game company Ogmento released an augmented reality game called Firefighter 360.
It is a quite simple game as you can see from the video clip.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Augmented Reality ITS: Junaio

Junaio is a mobile augmented reality browser. Junaio and Trimet announced a partnership and released Portland area's transit information and schedules information service using augmented reality on smart phone.
This application integrates transit data ranging from station locations, bus routes, to estimated arrival times, into a TriMet channel on the junaio 2.0 mobile augmented reality platform. Available free on the iPhone 3GS and coming soon to Android devices, junaio 2.0 features the TriMet channel to give riders easy and instant access to complete transit information on nearby stops by simply pointing their phone around them.

Here is another Junaio platform augmented reality application. This application provides the information about properties.

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Augmented reality user interface: YDreams

Since the release of the Si-Fi movie "Minority Report", Natural User Interface (NUI) has become a popular topic in the computer science field. Portugal based company YDreams introduce an NUI using augmented reality. In order to make this interface, the company combined such as computer vision, physical simulation, and artificial intelligence.

Thursday 20 May 2010

Is it possible to eat augmented reality?

What would it taste like if you could eat augmented reality? I know this is a very silly question. Actually, a designer named Mike Clare made augmented reality cookies so as to use as an augmented reality tag.
I thought about designing my research poster for a conference as an augmented reality tag. That way, I could describe my work on the poster and in the meantime I could use the poster as an augmented reality tag. This would allow people to understand my work from the poster’s contents and to also see the virtual object which would be superimposed on my poster.

Demo of Augmented Reality Cookies from Tellart on Vimeo.

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Augmented reality in retail shops.

It seems like augmented reality is extending to more diverse fields. Retail shops have adapted augmented reality technology to give you an idea of how something would look on you even if you don't have the real goods. The technology can also provide the information about the goods.

See the video clips below: