Wednesday 8 June 2011

A Time-based Transit Map

Time + Maps are always an interesting combination.
Stefan Wehrmeyer has developed a Google Maps application called Mapnificent which provides several intereting functions that combine maps with time. The application shows the areas you can reach with public transport in a user-defined time, and tis also displays the overlapping areas that two differnt persons can both reach within a given time.
Check the video clip in which the developer expains how this application works.

Mapnificent from Stefan Wehrmeyer on Vimeo.

Thursday 2 June 2011

Need for a "killer application in" Augmented Reality

The BBC points out the problem that the augmented reality filed has encoutred.
I think we need a killer application that shows/provides better interface - something easier, more intuitive, simpler and more human-freindly than a conventional interface.

Image Processing-based Augmented Reality

The BBC introduces a new augmented reality application which is image processing-based.

This app captures images such as logos and posters from the real world and then shows the linked webpage or video.