Monday 22 March 2010

Augmented reality: InvenSense (Motion-sensing for mobile phones)

When we talk about ubiquitous computing (or pervasive computing), user interface is an important factor in order to provide an immersive intelligent environment. The method of interaction between human and computer has not changed for a long time since mouse and keyboard become a major interaction method. There have been several attempts to develop a new interface such as voice recognition, motion sensing, and so on. Ultimately, the future interface between human and computer will be the non-interface which means disappearing all interfaces that we are using now. An intelligent environment (ubiquitous environment) detects user's motion, thinking, or behaviour pattern and provides a service that the user needs before the user ask.
Here is a video clip about the motion sensing interface for mobile phones. It seems to detect the user's motion very well. The key issue of motion sensing interface is how to precisely detect the user motion and reduce unexpected operating from the user's extraneous actions.

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