Tuesday 23 February 2010

4 technical concerns that must be overcome in augmented reality

In order for augmented reality to be successful, there are 4 main technical concerns we must consider in computer vision terms.
Here is a list:

1. Projection
2. Rendering
3. Location
4. Recognition

Here is some more information about those topics above.

In order to increase the array of virtual objects and real objects, we need good (fast) performance in recognition while the augmented really application is operating.

Here is an application which is using face recognition technology.


  1. This is a great video showing technology for the sake of it... Here I am taking a photo of the person infront of me - and I can get all of her information. Look I can send her a message... Send her a message?! She is right infront of you!!

    Perhaps you may want to just ask her about herself so she can present (or not present) the information to you in the way she chooses instead of holding a phone infront of your face and digitally spying on her!

    Having said all of that, the recognition engine is very cool and I can see how this is going to be useful - but we need to take care that we are designing the right apps and not just using it because we can.

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  8. The application can read a 2-D bar code or the front page of a book. In addition, the application recognizes your voice and searches for products that you are looking for.

  9. The term augmented reality is believed to have been coined in 1990 by Thomas Caudell, working at Boeing

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