Wednesday 27 January 2010

Can the iPad Stimulate The Mobile Augmented Reality Market?

There are so many rumours that Apple will launch a new tablet computer later today (27 Jan 2010) at the press conference from its base in San Francisco, California.

Many experts expect that iPad will change the whole paradigm for the media market, including newspapers, books and magazines.

One of the lasting effects of the iPod is that it has made people to start to pay for audio files and video files which they would previously download without paying from a P2P site.

How about the mobile augmented reality market? The mobile augmented reality market has significantly increased since the iPhone 3GS and the Android platform phone appeared. However, there are still big limitations to using augmented reality on a mobile phone. One of the limitations is a mobile phone's processing capability. Current mobile augmented reality applications mostly superimpose POI (Point Of Interest). This is because if you want to superimpose line or polygon objects, you would need a more advanced computer graphic program.

In this sense, the iPad could be a good device to overcome this problem. But even so, there are still many hurdles to be overcome to develop mobile augmented reality. Complicated and advanced computer graphic algorithms will need a high-performance processor. In addition, an iTablet would need a 3G connection so it can use databases when it is located in a remote place. I believe that iTablet will bring more dynamic mobile augmented reality applications to your hands.

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