Monday 14 December 2009

Augmented reality games

Since augmented reality technology became widespread, one of the most active industries in using augmented reality technology has been the game industry.

The game industry is less affected by the current technical limitations of augmented reality.

In order to use augmented reality in real life, we need to superimporse virtual objects on the real world with precision. A built-in GPS and digital compass help us determine the correct locations where virtual objects should be placed. However, GPS has a margin of error in location (most built-in GPS units that we use in our smart phones have an average margin of error of 10m ~ few hundred meters ) and you can't use GPS indoors.

On the other hand, the interface in most augmented reality game applications is the situation (or environment) programmed under the scenario that the provider designed.

Here are several augmented reality games:

1. Pac man

2. Invizimals

3. Eye Pet

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