Monday 10 August 2009

A review of AR-media™ Plugin

I tried to use AR-media™ Plugin which is made by the Development Lab of Inglobe Technologies, an Italian company specializing in the development of Augmented Reality solutions. It is very quick and easy way to make an Augmented Reality scene on your screen.
In order to use AR-media™ Plugin you should have the Google SketchUp program which you can download at google . In addtion you can download a trial version of AR-media™ Plugin from here.
If you install the AR-media™ Plugin correctly you can see the AR-media™ Plugin button on your Google SketchUp program. And then you can simply generate a virtual object on your screen. In order to augmente a virtual object you need a paper tag which is provided by AR-media™ Plugin.

It is really easy and instantaneous. However, there is one shortcoming, which is that you can augment only one scene at a time.

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