Wednesday 17 June 2009

ARhrrrr! Augmented Reality Game

Using an SDK for NVIDIA's Tegra chipset, Georgia Tech and SCAD-Atlanta have teamed to design a new platform for gaming: Augmented Reality.

Taking props and backgrounds from the users perspective, using a camera and a 3D portable platform, Augmented Reality can take the future of the mobile device to a whole other level. Using a flat picture that resembles a map of a city center, Skittles and camera movement, Tegra' SDK platformed with GT's and SCAD-Atlanta's project game ARhrrrr, users can battle zombies in reality on the mobile device.

This will allow for users if produced publicly and on a massive scale, to bring objects in their environment and the items surrounding them, actively into the software they are using. This project will open and allow a much greater advancement for tomorrows portable tech and will greatly change what portable users do on their personal devices.

Although AR is currently only a concept, there are hopes that NVIDIA Tegra based devices are released and that production, sales and development for said devices are financially open to users on all levels.

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